Sense of humor is a kind of madness, a mild madness. But why not turn it into something productive? Here at pipanni.com you can read the end result of the joke-demons endless whispering.

Political incorrectness and dark humour are constant so some jokes can feel a bit hard. Please remember that sense of humor also measures IQ. The more the better.

Comics here at pipanni.com can be modified after they're published. It's a benefit from the digital age! :)

There are some comics authors (also probably insane) I would like to thank, especially "The Oatmeal" (www.theoatmeal.com) and "Cyanide & Happiness" (www.explosm.net).

That's all for now.

(note to developers: yes, the site is using the comic sans font, but it IS a comics web site, so no fussing about it)